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We believe that it is most important in our school for every child to be learning the benefits and means of achieving physical fitness, health and hygiene. Throughout the year, the children develop fitness and skills needed for many sports eg. throwing, striking and catching.

During the cooler months of the year, a great deal of time and effort is spent preparing for the inter-school athletics carnivals. Daily physical fitness activities are conducted at this school in an endeavour to maintain the level of fitness needed for active participation in sport, athletics and everyday games.

All students across the year levels participate in physical education lessons with a specialist teacher. Lessons are weekly and are 30 minutes in length. As long as the child tries his/her very best and displays sportsmanship, then that child has succeeded in their efforts.

In this school, emphasis is placed on participation and sportsmanship and not on winning at all costs.

The school is divided into three sporting house teams. They are:-

  • Griffith (green)

  • Nathan (red)

  • Chandler (yellow)

Children are allocated to a sporting house when they are enrolled at the school.


During the summer swimming season (terms 1 and 4); all classes have weekly lessons at the school’s pool. Parental consent must be given before any child can participate in swimming lessons.

Every child should be given the opportunity to learn swimming as a beneficial recreational activity as well as a possible life saving skill.

Having adequate supervision is required to ensure the safety of students in the pool. Teachers will distribute class notes requesting the assistance of parents and carers. The following ratio is used:

  • Years prep - 3:  Two to three parents are usually needed to assist in the pool, as well as one watching. 

  • Years 4 - 7: A minimum of one parent (sometimes more depending on the activity) is required.

To go to swimming, children must bring the following:-

  • towel

  • bathing cap

  • suitable swimming togs (boards shorts are not permitted, footy type shorts are ok)

  • sun shirt or tight fitting t-shirt

  • sunscreen lotion (we will provide it for those children who don't bring any)

  • a bag for belongings and wet gear

Please make sure all belongings are clearly marked with your child's name and class.