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Class times

Our school day

8.50 am - First bell - go to classroom

9.00 am - Class begins

11.00 am - First break - eating time

11.10 am - First break - play time

11.30 am - End first break - back to class

1.00 pm - Second break - eating time

1.10 pm - Second break- play time

1.40 pm - End second break - back to class

3.00 pm - End of day

Administration centre hours

Monday to Friday, 8.00 am - 3.30 pm

Important procedures in the school day

The first bell rings at 8.50 am and all children are expected to be at school. Children should not arrive before 8.30 am and are not permitted to leave the school grounds once they have arrived in the morning. In the afternoon, school finishes at 3.00 pm. All children are expected to leave the school grounds immediately after they are dismissed, unless they are waiting for transport or are being supervised by a teacher for sport practice.

Student absences

The Education Act requires that a reason be given if children are absent from or late for school. Our school policy is that this reason should be phoned into the school via our contact details, or that a written note accompany the student upon their return to school.

Staff appreciate receiving information about students who have been ill or who have had something unexpected happen to them, as student welfare is important to us.

Arriving late

If your child arrives to their classroom after 9.00 am they must collect a late slip from the school office and bring it to their teacher.

Leaving early

Parents/carers who need to remove students from the school during school hours are required to follow protocol:

  1. Proceed to the office and inform admin staff
  2. Complete register details and receive leaving early slip
  3. Collect student from their classroom and present slip to teacher

Outside school hours care

If students require care outside of school hours, our Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) operates a wonderful outside of school hours care service at our school.