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The P&C and staff support the wearing of a uniform. Our school formally adopted a dress code in 2006 and it has been reviewed several times over the years together with the P&C. The dress code establishes a standard of appearance, generates school spirit and a sense of identity. The uniform has been designed to offer children a choice of clothing items and to comply with the principles of sun safety. The dress code requires the wearing of a correct school uniform every day. 


The Salisbury State School uniform shop is located in the middle of A Block, near the senior oval. The shop is run by volunteers from the school P&C and is opened Tuesday mornings. Purchases can be made via the Qkr! app, direct deposit or cash. We have new and second hand uniforms for sale. All profits from the sale of uniform go directly back into supporting the school. 


If you would like further information about the uniform shop, opening hours or donating unwanted uniform items please contact the school. If you are interested in volunteering at the uniform shop, please fill out our expression of interest form here: 


Uniform overview 

The following is an overview of the uniform requirements. More details can be found by referring to the uniform dress code. 

Please note that not all these items are available from the uniform shop. Refer to the the Forms and Documents section on this website for available items and an order form. Other clothing can be purchased from local department stores or online. 



    • Maroon hat- bucket, legionnaires or broad brimmed (no caps)

    • Sports polo with Salisbury State School logo

    • Checked shirt with Salisbury State School logo

    • Maroon skirt - netball style 

    • Maroon skorts or culottes

    • Maroon shorts 

    • Checked dress with Salisbury State School logo  

    • Black school shoes or sandshoes which are mainly black with white socks (which cover the ankle)

    • Head Scarf - plain maroon, sky blue, navy blue or white 


Winter Uniform

    • Maroon long pants, tracksuit pants, leggings, tights or jazz pants. If maroon is not available, then navy blue will be acceptable. 

    • Maroon pullover/jumper or zip front jacket (no hood) 

    • Maroon long-sleeved top worn under the uniform will also be accepted during the cooler months. If maroon is not available navy blue or white will also be acceptable.



Sports Uniform

House colour sports t-shirt 

Swimwear – long sleeve swimmers or rashie (as per swimming lesson requirements) 

Swimming cap - house / school colours (available for purchase at the office)


Some special items will be designated for wear at official school events and outings, eg. school band and choir. All students wishing to partake in the school band or choir are required to purchase the music program polo shirt, available from the uniform shop. 

Other items are designed to be worn at sporting events. In some cases, inter school sporting teams will have a particular uniform. Details will be given by the teacher in charge of individual sports at the commencement of the season. 

All uniform should be clearly marked with the child’s name. 

Last reviewed 25 July 2022
Last updated 25 July 2022