At Salisbury State School, the P&C are a group of parents, staff and community members who are committed to working with the school to promote the interests of the students, provide feedback on school policies and help fund improvements to achieve the best possible outcomes. We are a voice, advocating for the students, and supporting the school's strategic decision making. We stand in the gap between what resources the school needs and what funding the Education Department has, by working together as a team to fundraise to enrich the lives of the students at Salisbury State School.

The P&C run the Tuckshop, Uniform Shop and Salisbury Scorpions Swim Club. We also help to put on in-school events, such as the school disco, extra lunch events for sports carnivals, and Under 8's Day. On weekends, we run working bees and other activities to fundraise and support the school for the students. We use any funds raised from these activities, along with other fundraising and grants, to provide extras for our school. In 2020 these extras were musical instruments, senior playground refurbishment, laptops for students and the online ordering system Qkr!.

Do you want to be a part of the community that is the Parents and Citizens Association this year and help us find the right path for our school? It's a great way to be a part of the school community, contribute to your child's education and be a part of something bigger.

We meet the third Monday of every month from February to November in the school library.  You can contact us by emailing our Secretary at



We need you!  

We encourage all parents and carers to participate where they can. We need members – committed people who come along to voice their throughs, contribute to discussion, turn sausages on the BBQ, hang up decorations at the disco or even drop off a box of drinks for a working bee. We need people who can coordinate events, help fundraise, and connect people together to make things happen. There are jobs with titles and there are jobs that are just as valuable, but out of the spotlight. In 2021, we would love to see people from our Salisbury State School Community come together and be these things. Could you be one of these people?

If you are able to spare an hour or two of your time to assist please fill out our volunteer form - and let us know what your skills are. Whether it is volunteering in the tuckshop, practical skills to use in a working bee or project managing an event, we need you!  

Each year the P&C organise a variety of events to bring the community together and raise money for our school. Details of P&C activities will be communicated to members at meetings, via email and Facebook and to the school community via the newsletter, at parade and other available forums.


Last reviewed 01 April 2021
Last updated 01 April 2021